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About me

Hi! I'm Michael Romann and I am a Videographer & Photographer based in the St. Louis area!  I love telling stories, capturing moments, and being creative in everything that I do.  What started as a hobby from a young age turned into a passion for creating professional quality videos for weddings, real estate, and other purposes. I want to help you get the photos and videos you are looking for!

After seeing the video and photos of my own wedding I could not stop looking at them and reliving the emotion of the day.  I realized just how much these mean for couples, friends, and families to be able to look back on.  I work hard to make sure I capture the emotions of those in my photos and videos to tell the story of how it felt that day.

Since starting my business, I have branched out to offering real estate photo and video services as well. I am an FAA Licensed Drone Pilot and offer high quality images and videos to show potential buyers clear, detailed views of properties from any perspective necessary.

I'm excited to meet you. Send me a message and let's start a conversation about  your story!




"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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Tel: 618-795-9277



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